New Formula 1 engine regulations approved for 2026

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New Formula 1 engine regulations approved for 2026

The arrival of hybrid engines in F1 took place in 2014. And after some evolutions, it is this time a small revolution which is preparing for 2026, with many changes in the regulations approved on Tuesday by the World Automobile Council of the FIA.

Concretely, from 2026, the MGU-H (energy recovery system via exhaust gases) will be abolished, engines will use 100% sustainable fuels and will see an increase in the deployment of electrical energy up to 50% compared to current levels (the power of the ERS will be increased to 350 Kw). In order to “keep the show going”the engines will have similar performance to current models, “using high-powered, high-revving V6 internal combustion engines” but with reduced fuel flow.

“Introducing advanced powertrain technology and sustainable synthetic fuels is part of our goal to deliver benefits to road users and achieve our goal of zero carbon by 2030”reacted the president of the FIA ​​​​Mohammed ben Sulayem.

Attract new engine manufacturers

The development cost of these new engines will also be capped from 2023. And the clearly stated objective is to attract new engine manufacturers. We obviously think of Porsche, which should join forces with Red Bull. The two parties seemed to be waiting for the settlement to be validated before announcing their union. So she shouldn’t be late. As for Audi, another brand of the VW group, its arrival is also scheduled for 2026, but we do not yet know in what form.

In addition, updates to the technical regulations for the 2022 and 2023 seasons were also approved on Tuesday, in order to resolve the problem of porpoisingan aerodynamic phenomenon that causes enormous vibrations in single-seaters, and guarantee stricter safety rules concerning the roll-bar aimed at protecting pilots in their single-seater.

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