Nicolas Mahut on the Davis Cup: “A popular fiasco”

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Nicolas Mahut on the Davis Cup: “A popular fiasco”

“What conclusions can we draw from this week in Hamburg?
It’s been really sad since 2019. It doesn’t attract anyone. So it didn’t hold any big surprises. It was a popular fiasco. There are plenty of things to review, including the price of tickets. Around 80 euros is way too much… I don’t know who made that decision. Even against Germany, it was not half full. Anyway, it always comes back to the same thing… And I don’t really understand Hamburg’s candidacy. It’s the only indoor competition where you check the weather before going to play. If the weather is nice, there may be traces of shadow on the court. If it rains a lot, you no longer hear the ball. With the wind, the conditions are heavier… I’m quite surprised that this short was chosen, without wanting to hide behind excuses.

“Not all teams play under the same conditions. It is not fair “

And on the format?
I already prefer hens of four to hens of three. But what is also hard is to play two games in a row in this format, nervously and physically. On the circuit, we know how to chain matches. But in the Davis Cup, with the adrenaline and the impulse that you leave there, it’s not the same fatigue. The Germans, who receive, benefit from a day of rest between each meeting. Not all teams play under the same conditions. It is not fair.

Should we work even more on the double, which is crucially important in this kind of three-match format?
The double is even more decisive, yes, and we have seen that there are very good teams everywhere. They play practically all year round, either together or with players who perform all year round in the discipline. And that scores big points. We had a lack of success against the Germans, with a primordial break point that comes out a centimeter, in particular. We had tried to find tournaments in the year with Arthur (Rinderknech) but it was complicated. We had a good match against the Germans, really at a good level. With regard to double handed relief, this is a question that the captain must ask himself. Me, I have a complicated season, I try to go until 2024. Will I get there? And if I am no longer efficient, it will indeed be necessary to think of a solution.

What is the mood in the team?
Guys want to strip for the team, we saw guys devastated in the locker room because they lost. They want to live this adventure, even if it’s not what we experienced. The France team is important. »


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