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Norway beat Slovenia

Slovenia believed in it but finally cracked. In a boiling and jam-packed Arena Stozice (Ljubljana), they delivered an almost perfect score. But it was not enough to defeat the reigning World and European champions Norway (26-23).

After an explosive start to the match from the Slovenians (3-6, 8th), the Norwegians woke up to pick up and come back in front before the break (16-15, 30th). But an offensive breakdown and 8 long minutes without scoring because of the prowess of Maya Vojnovic, goalkeeper off the bench, revived the local players (19-20, 49th).

Late in the game, Henny Reinstad took matters into his own hands. The left back chained the goals (10 in total) to cool the room and despite some good responses, especially from Ana Gros (5 goals), Norway finally took the victory. With this success, the Norwegians secure a place in the semi-finals, where they can still be opposed to France.

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