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OM-Sporting Portugal could be played behind closed doors

Known to all to have been widely reported by the media and the club before the high-risk Champions League meeting against Frankfurt, the threat of an upcoming European match in an empty stadium did not change much in the game. attitude of Marseille supporters.

Tuesday evening, even if they were provoked by the Germans, the first to fire a smoke bomb in their direction, they then did everything (jets of smoke bombs and fireworks in particular) to push the Disciplinary Committee of the UEFA to crack down.

This Wednesday evening, she opened a disciplinary case against OM (for throwing objects, use of pyrotechnic and laser devices, disturbances in the public and blocking of traffic exits) which raises fears for her next home match. , because the Marseille club is under the influence of a total camera after the excesses which enamelled its semi-final return of the Europa League Conference against Feyenoord, on May 5 at the Vélodrome stadium. For “use of pyrotechnic devices” and “dissemination of provocative and hateful messages” (a tifo “UEFA Mafia” in the South bend had been deployed), the European body sanctioned the Olympian club “of a match behind closed doors suspended, running over a period of two years, in the next competitions organized by UEFA”. Along with a fine of 40,000 euros.

A UEFA decision issued before October 4

For the reprieve to fall, the facts observed on Tuesday evening must be “of the same nature” as those against Feyenoord. Between the two files, the “provocative and hateful messages”. But that might not be enough to save OM, as Marseille leaders fear.

Because it is above all the use of pyrotechnic devices that motivated the sanction of a suspended total closed session imposed on June 8. For the time being, we do not yet know the date of the meeting of the disciplinary committee of the European body which will deal with the case of Marseille (and that of Frankfurt, some of whose supporters made Nazi salutes in the stands). A priori, it should meet before the next home match, October 4 at the Velodrome, against Sporting Portugal. If this is not the case, it will process the file before OM-Tottenham, scheduled for November 1.


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