“Our strength is our image”, assures the president of Metz, Thierry Weizman

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“Our strength is our image”, assures the president of Metz, Thierry Weizman

“What does Metz represent the arrival next season of Anne Mette Hansen ?
I am so happy. It’s the transfer of the year: the captain of Györ, an experienced player who knows how to do everything. It’s a great pride that for once it’s happening in this way, we have suffered enough from the departures to Györ of our best players, Béatrice Edwige, Laura Glauser, again Bruna De Paula next summer.

This time, it’s a player in the prime of life, who matured in Györ, who comes to Metz. It proves the attractiveness of our club. It’s a very strong sign, and recognition on the part of the player. A few years ago, it was not even possible for a player from Györ to sign in Metz.

Metz has a reputation for offering modest salaries compared to big European clubs. Did you have to make an exceptional financial effort for a champion of such caliber?
It’s an effort compared to usual but nothing disproportionate. We didn’t freak out, we continue to be very reasonable. Our strength is above all the image transmitted by our players.

It’s thanks to Louise (Burggard) that we were able to recruit Kristina Jörgensen last summer, and it is thanks to Kristina that we were able to sign Anne Mette Hansen. It’s thanks to Chloe (Valentini) that we convinced Lucie Granier, who is her best friend, to join us next summer.

When we spoke with Anne Mette and her agent, we didn’t need to explain what our club is. And then there is the presence of Manu Mayonnade as coach. Because it was only concluded once Manu had confirmed that he was staying in Metz.

“Our recruitment is not finished”

Precisely, how did you manage to convince your coach, one of the most highly rated in the world, to extend once again despite the interest of powerful foreign clubs?
I don’t have to convince Manu. He’s a friend, I’m not going to force his hand. He knows the club as well as I do, and I know that financially he loses by staying here. I simply told him that I very, very much wanted us to continue the adventure together. It’s been eight years, I never thought he would stay this long.

He is one of the coaches who will have been in post for the longest time in Metz with Olivier Krumbholz, who had started the adventure. But I’m realistic, I know that at some point it will stop. And I know Manu well enough to know that if that were to happen he would organize things before leaving.

After Lucie Granier, are you still targeting other French internationals for next season?
Our recruitment is not over. Now, the extremely talented French players like Estelle Nze Minko, Orlane Kanor or Grace Zaadi, I’m not sure they have an absolute desire to come back to France. They do not need it to convince the coach. In any case, we are always interested in welcoming them. »

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