Oyonnax still impresses, Carcassonne and Soyaux tumble

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Oyonnax still impresses, Carcassonne and Soyaux tumble

Who says new year, says new resolutions. But for this 16th day of Pro D2, Oyonnax has not lowered its ambitions. The Oyomen crushed poor players from Béziers, who came with a competitive team and ambitions. After a one-sided match and seven tries later, the leader inflicted a correction on the Biterrois on the lawn of Charles-Mathon (49-7).

Just behind Oyonnax, Mont-de-Marsan continued on its pre-break pace with a fourth victory in a row at Aurillac (19-20). The Cantalous concede their first defeat of the season at home, proof of the performance of the Montois who return to Biarritz (Thursday evening winner of Montauban) in second place in the Championship.

Agen and Colomiers relaunch, Vannes leaves the top 6

With a big victory on his turf against Rouen (30-13), Agen regained after two defeats in a row and moved up to fifth place, closely followed by Colomiers who beat Carcassonne at Albert-Domec (9-21), with a test of Mathis Galthié, son of the coach of the fifteen of France.

Vannes was ejected from the top 6 after his defeat at Massy (18-14) but can console himself with a defensive bonus point which could prove invaluable at the end of the season.

Crazy end to the match between Provence and Grenoble

After the narrow success acquired at the end of the match by Nevers on the lawn of Soyaux (20-26), Provence Rugby had to take points from Maurice-David against Grenoble authors of a good season for the moment. But it was hard for the Provençals who had to tear themselves away at the end of the match and obtain at the end of the end a converted try synonymous with a draw (23-23, 85th).

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