Pablo Longoria, President of OM: “I think we are in the right direction”

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Pablo Longoria, President of OM: “I think we are in the right direction”

On the economic situation

“We are on a good trend, we can succeed in reaching the objective at the end of the season, but we still have to bring in money. At the start of the season, we did not want to take into account a potential qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League or for the Europa League play-offs, but this failure still forces us to find five million euros by the end of the season. end of the season. »

On the need for an offensive reinforcement

“I would first like to express my thoughts to Amine (Harit, seriously injured in Monaco). Morally, he is better. It’s a blow for the club, he represents a lot in the locker room. He is someone we appreciate, for his level on the pitch but also for his attitude off it. If we sell Gerson, for which there is not yet an agreement with Flamengo, and we lose Harit, we will take a new player in the next transfer window. And the tendency is for Harit to miss the end of the season. »

On the work of Payet and Dieng

“I want to highlight the work of (Dmitri) Payet and Dieng. It’s never easy for a player like Payet to experience this kind of situation. I am very happy to see that the players are working to recover their place and I thank them for that. Hard work pays, but finding a place in this team is not easy. As a leader, we must respect the choices of the coach. Payet’s talent is obvious, but the collective is more important than any individual case. »

On the situation of Igor Tudor

“I never doubted the coach. It is not enough to analyze the latest results. A leader must analyze the trend. After the best start to the season in the club’s history, we had a very complicated month in terms of results. But according to the figures, we had a 70% chance of winning against Lens (0-1 defeat), 83% against Ajaccio (loss 1-2) and 18% risk of losing against Tottenham (loss 1-2). In my opinion, we deserved more to win against Lens than against Lyon (1-0 win). In the end, football is fair, and hard work pays off. »

On his relationship with supporters

“I would first like to thank the supporters for the support they give us. It’s fundamental for us, it touches us, it makes us proud, and we want to continue in this direction. The atmosphere at the Orange Vélodrome is unique, extraordinary. But in black spot, I did not digest what happened against Frankfurt. It is unacceptable. Everyone must feel safe in the stadium, including opposing fans. I have very good relations with the supporters, with mutual respect. We must all work together to improve security around the stadium. »

On his first record as president

“I finished last season very tired. All the changes this summer, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, because you can’t depend on a goal at the last moment (of Lens against Monaco last season) to build a project. It was necessary to be consistent, to move towards a more vertical, physical football, to be more competitive on the European level.

I am ambitious, happy, I have hope because we are changing a work culture, a mentality. We believe in what we do, we are more mature every day. We seek to make players gain value while having stability. We are in the process of building the foundations of a project which must be as long-lasting as possible because I think we are heading in the right direction. »


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