Paul Willemse (Montpellier): “It feels good”

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Paul Willemse (Montpellier): “It feels good”

Paul Willemse (second line of the MHR, winner of UBB 29-19): “It was not planned that I would do almost 80 minutes (he entered in the 5th minute after Bastien Chalureau’s shoulder injury) but it feels good to play again (after more than four months of absence). When you’re not playing, you feel a bit lost. This evening (Saturday)I feel good (smile). We had a very good first half, we had to do better than in La Rochelle where we were a little quiet in the first 25 minutes.

We wanted to start well, we insisted on that this week. We played too much in our camp in the second half, we were under pressure, but it’s not a big problem, it’s easy to fix. We have to make better decisions on the pitch but we have time to work. We have a new 9 (Coly) and a new 10 (Carbonel) to integrate.

We always have our good defense to save us. We took two tries on the ball but our defense is good, it’s part of our identity. The players have understood that the title is over, there is more pressure on us. We cannot forget this title but we must use it to raise our standards. »

Louis Carbonel (opener of Montpellier, at the microphone of Canal +) “Last week, in La Rochelle, we had lost all the collisions, we had made a lot of mistakes, there we put the right intensity. At half-time, we said to ourselves that they were going to come back, that they were going to get their hands on the ball. We had given a lot in the first period, the hardest was the second where we had to keep up the intensity. We didn’t have the second half we wanted, but at least we have the 4 points, that’s the main thing. »

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