Paulo Fonseca before OL-Lille: “Lyon is better now”

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Paulo Fonseca before OL-Lille: “Lyon is better now”

“How are you going to approach this match in Lyon, embedded in a very dense schedule?
I repeat it at every press conference, I only think about the next game, I’m only focused on this one. We had a great match in Lyon in the Championship (October 30). The result was not fair (0-1 loss), but that’s football. Lyon are better now, it will be a tough match. They have a lot of good players, a good coach. But we want to win, to survive in this Coupe de France.

André Gomes was brilliant Saturday during the success in Rennes (3-1)…
He is a great player, very important for us, like others. Technically, he is a different player, in his decisions, his game under pressure. He has a lot of experience, has played in big clubs, big teams, they are very complementary with Benjamin (Andre).

Are you going to change goalkeeper for the Coupe de France, with the tenure of Benoît Costil in place of Lucas Chevalier?
Lucas is going to play. He’s been playing very well lately, he doesn’t have a lot of work to do, but when you need him he’s there. This is the most difficult for a goalkeeper.

Leny Yoro made a mistake at the start of the match against Rennes, before displaying a strong reaction force…
The way he reacted is unusual. He’s a 17-year-old player, that’s not normal. He has great strength of character, he is very brave. Leny will play tomorrow (Wednesday, in Lyon).

“I think José (Fonte) has the condition to continue”

Paulo Fonseca on the Portuguese defender’s potential extension

You had already established him rather than José Fonte on Saturday. Is it a change of hierarchy?
José is a great professional, a great captain. I spoke with José, he is ready to play. I didn’t change him because he played badly against Clermont, but like Rémy (Cabella), it is to spare it. I think Leny did good, while Tiago (Djalo) is very, very good.

As a coach, I have to tell the player that I trust him. But I have no problem with José, he understands the situation. I think in the short term, I only see the next game. I don’t know what will happen next. It’s normal to think that José is 39 years old, that this is his last year. But he’s a great professional, I think he can play beyond the end of the season.

Are you in favor of extending it to LOSC?
I don’t know what he wants to do. But I think José has the condition to continue.

Benjamin André has the armband when José Fonte is not playing. What is his role ?
He’s a team leader too. But José, even when he’s not playing, is the same player in the locker room. He speaks, motivates. All players can be captains, but I’m lucky to have a great captain. »

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