Paulo Fonseca (Lille): “A great frustration” for Paulo Fonseca

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Paulo Fonseca (Lille): “A great frustration” for Paulo Fonseca

“How do you digest this first defeat of LOSC at Groupama Stadium?
It causes great frustration. We have five or six clear chances to score in the first period, and we don’t. We suffered on a ball, an action from Lyon, their only opportunity to score.

Why did you make three defensive changes at the break after Ismaily’s thigh injury?
We have decided to entrust the right lane to Tiago Djalo. We haven’t changed the way we play. Ismaily is a very important player offensively. Despite these changes, we continued to create and perform. We didn’t let Lyon put us in danger with the ball.

Is this lack of realism essentially due to a lack of aggressiveness in the last gesture?
Yes. Once again, we created chances. But we didn’t score. We can create more if we are more aggressive in the last gesture. But honestly, if we score tonight (Sunday), we don’t talk about this aspect of the game together.

“If we keep playing like this, we will win more matches”

Against Monaco (4-3), you lacked defensive aggression. Tonight, that offensive aggressiveness is lacking. Is this your main lack to seek a European qualification?
This is the verdict of the game at the end. But the most important thing is that the team remains ambitious. Believe me, it’s not easy to play like that coming to Lyon. We get more chances than the opponent. We must keep this ambition. If we keep playing like this, we will win more matches.

Were you surprised by Lyon’s reaction in the second half?
No. Of course, Lyon had more of the ball than in the first half. But the game remained in our favor and we continued to create situations for ourselves.

What was the reaction of the players in the locker room?
They were frustrated and disappointed. They clearly know why we lost this game. An impact on the dynamics? We now have to prepare for the next game which will be very tough (reception of Rennes on Sunday). »


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