Paulo Fonseca (Lille coach): “I’m a little frustrated”

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Paulo Fonseca (Lille coach): “I’m a little frustrated”

“What is your analysis of the meeting?
I’m a little frustrated. As I said, playing against OM is different. It’s difficult when you play the individual balance of power. I know it from the Italian Championship. Marseille are a very tough team to play with incredible players, but I saw some great things from us. We bow on a detail, a free kick. But we disturbed them in their habits. We had a problem with a counter-attack. But I think we could take at least one point.

Do you have any regrets, in particular not having brought in André Gomes earlier, or Bayo?
When we had the ball, the idea was to find the depth and the spaces behind the OM defenders. With Bayo, we were looking for exactly that space. At the time of the match when Marseille were leading, we had more and more of the ball and we found this area. We still had to insist. We also had to bring them out, attract them to find these spaces.

“We changed our organization because of the OM game”

Did you lose this game physically?
It’s (rather) the way OM play. It’s not physical. They showed aggression, favored the balance of power in one against one. Did you see how impossible it was to pass them to eleven against eleven at Tottenham (0-2 Wednesday in C1)?

Could the central three defense be extended and doesn’t it fit your squad better?
We changed our organization because of OM’s game. It was clear. You had to press high like we did for the first thirty minutes. I hold it from my experience of the Italian Championship. All the teams play like that. Here, in France, there is only OM. I felt that this system was made to disrupt OM. If you ask me if OM had an easy match, I say no. We created a lot of problems for them and prevented them from evolving as they like to do. »


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