Paulo Fonseca, Lille coach: “We don’t have time to complain”

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Paulo Fonseca, Lille coach: “We don’t have time to complain”

“How to react after this rout against PSG?
In these moments, what is important is to make the players understand that we must learn from these matches, but that we must also immediately think about the next match. Fix what you can and prepare. We don’t have time to complain, we have to react. Football is for strong people. And with me, I want players who are strong. The week has been good. Obviously, the first day was difficult. But then the team returned to normality.

“This match (against PSG) has changed nothing about what I think of my players. I continue to trust everyone.

Were some of your players more marked than others and do you need to bring in new blood for the trip to Ajaccio to help move on?
It’s very easy, in these moments, to criticize and in football, we have to accept it. When you’re down 7-1, it’s hard to say anything. But this game hasn’t changed anything about what I think of my players. I continue to trust everyone. My decisions for the next game, they only relate to adjustments in relation to this next game. Because if I had to punish, I should be the first to be punished. Maybe I shouldn’t say it after a 7-1 but I saw positive things in the team.

How did your goalkeeper, Léo Jardim, cope with this setback?
I expected this question. Leo is like the other players. I continue to trust him, as at the beginning. The matches, we lose them together. Nobody loses alone and I am always the first responsible and I will always take my responsibilities. Looks like I’m here to defend the players. It’s kind of true because I think they deserve it. But you will see, I will also be the first to criticize them. I have no problem with that. But right now I continue with the same feeling towards the players, even Leo. I don’t know if the Guardians should be more affected by this. What I felt during the week was that everyone reacted positively after the game. Leo was one of the players who reacted this way.

Are you worried that the pitch will be as bad as in Ajaccio – Lens and that this will prevent you from developing your game?
When I saw the Lens match (0-0), it worried me a bit. But that was two weeks ago, I hope she will be in better condition. But I don’t want to find an excuse. We have to play no matter how the pitch is. I hope it will be better, because it’s good for football. It’s hard to have a good show when the main ingredient isn’t there. But I think those responsible for Ajaccio have done their best to improve it.

How do you see this game?
It will be a completely different match from the first three. If we think playing is enough to win, then no. We have to be aggressive, fight, they are very aggressive, defend very well, are dangerous on the counter. It’s a different match, with few spaces, we will have to create them. We will have to be very aggressive when we don’t have the ball. »


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