Pep Guardiola on Benjamin Mendy: “I am not his father”

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Pep Guardiola on Benjamin Mendy: “I am not his father”

He swore to tell the whole truth, like the twelve other “character witnesses”, the witnesses called by the defense to describe how Benjamin Mendy’s personality was positive. Pep Guardiola, gray t-shirt on the shoulders, appeared this Monday before the twelve jurors of the Crown Court of Chester (Cheshire) by video screen. “He asked me, Mendy, to come today with you all, your honor (Judge Steven Everett). And that’s why I’m here. »

Pep Guardiola was questioned by Eleanor Laws, the lead lawyer for Benjamin Mendy, accused of seven rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault on six young women.

“He likes to have fun and makes people have fun”

Pep Guardiola on Benjamin Mendy

In line with his defense strategy, Me Laws suggested to the Iberian manager that Mendy was wearing “a lot of expectations on his shoulders” when he signed City in 2017 in a record-breaking €58million deal. “I don’t know because I didn’t ask him, assured Guardiola. But as a club and as a manager, we had a lot of expectations. » Revived, the 51-year-old coach added: “He is an exceptional player. »

About the personality of the world champion, Guardiola explained: “He’s a very good guy. He likes to have fun and makes people have fun. It’s hard to find someone in the locker room who talks badly about him. »

“Sometimes he answered present. Sometimes not”

Pep Guardiola on Benjamin Mendy

Me Laws advanced in front of Guardiola as the left side “enjoying life”. He refuted: “If I control my players in training, I don’t know what they do in their private life. I am not his father. »

In the field, he “asked for the best” to his player. “Sometimes he answered present. Sometimes not. » Guardiola said he told him about the (prohibited) parties organized during periods of confinement: “ Of course I was not happy. »

Mendy’s defense is now done with testimonies. On Wednesday, the judge will remind the jurors of the legal provisions before the pleadings of the prosecutor, first, then of the two lawyers (Me Laws for Mendy; Me Wilding for the co-accused Matturie, who did not wish to bring in witnesses) .


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