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Peter Bosz (OL) defends Thiago Mendes

What’s new in defense, in Lyon, who conceded three goals at Lorient (1-3), this week ? Jerome Boateng. The 2014 world champion reappeared on the training ground for the first time this season, and participated in part of the collective session.

” It’s positive, underlined Peter Bosz, the Lyon coach, in his press conference this Friday. From next week, if all goes well, he will train fully with the group. » OL would have liked to send the German international away this summer, but Thiago Mendes’ difficulties at Lorient suggest that the Lyon club could need everyone.

Even from Boateng, who no longer seemed to be in OL’s plans? “If he shows that he is better than the others, of course, replies Peter Bosch. I count on all the players who are there, and he is there. He had a muscular problem for almost three weeks and he is completely recovered. »

“It has nothing to do with the idea that he is a defensive midfielder rather than a central defender. It’s a big mistake, that’s all.”

Peter Bosz, about Thiago Mendes

But the Lyon coach was above all put on the grill, this Thursday, on the Thiago Mendes case. Obviously, he was prepared: “Did Thiago Mendes play badly the day before yesterday? Yes, he made individual fouls. Can he be good at this position? Yes. Those are two different things. We saw matches where with him, we conceded few goals and conceded few chances. He is able to do his job very well in this position. »

The idea that he behaved like a midfielder on Lorient’s second goal, attempting a daring dribble in front of his box, seriously annoyed the Dutch technician: “When a ‘six’ makes the same mistake, it’s still the same mistake. You shouldn’t dribble when you have guys behind you. I don’t understand why he didn’t play simpler, but it has nothing to do with the idea that he is a defensive midfielder rather than a central defender. It’s a big mistake, that’s all. »

Peter Bosz took his argument even further: “Listen guys, it’s too easy to just look at him because he made a mistake. If you look closely at the other defenders, they too made mistakes, defending on the wrong side, not anticipating situations, losing a duel. This time it was Thiago, that’s all. But he doesn’t do that every game, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he was a midfielder before, I don’t agree with you. I have great confidence in him. Believe me guys, he’s a very good player who doesn’t make the mistakes, in general, that he made at Lorient. » If the Lyon coach is logical, he should therefore line up in Monaco on Sunday (7th day), the same defense as in the middle of the week in Brittany.


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