Philippe Clement (Monaco) after the victory in Nice: “We can still do better”

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Philippe Clement (Monaco) after the victory in Nice: “We can still do better”

“What do you think of your team’s performance?

In the first period, the structure was there, the discipline too. But with the ball, there was not enough confidence, there was a lack of movement in front. I talked about that during the break in the locker room: it was not possible that I had more faith in my players than in themselves. I wanted them to show more, and they did in the second half. It was much better.

“There is nothing at all with Wissam, he will be ready for Thursday’s game”

We are at the start of a season, with three new elements in the typical team (Sarr, Camara, Embolo)with a new game system (on 3-4-3), it is normal that it is imperfect. There were no automations. It gives a lot of confidence to win here, a derby that is always very important, it’s a prestigious match for us, for our leaders, for our supporters. We have taken a beating in recent weeks, because of the circumstances. This does not give faith, nor morale. But my players showed in the second half what I want to see. We can still do better.

Did you try to reproduce what you achieved in Paris last Sunday, pressing them very high?
Yes. But we also played like that in Southampton, against Inter Milan, during the preparation. We are able to evolve in both systems, with three behind as with four. We are trying to establish our principles more and more.

What happened with Wissam Ben Yedder? Did he refuse to come into play?
No, my staff told me he went to the bathroom during the game. After the match, I saw Wissam celebrate the victory with his teammates, on the pitch, with our supporters. He was there. After the game, I saw Wissam clearing with the rest of the team, he was out running on the pitch. There’s nothing at all with Wissam, he’ll be ready for Thursday’s game.

Why did you decide not to establish him, nor to bring him into play?
We needed two things today: another profile for the style of play and rotation for Wissam. When Wissam played every three days last season, he was less decisive. When he played once a week he kept scoring, he was really good. I can say one thing: he will play Thursday night (in the Europa League).

What do you think of the contribution of Mohamed Camara?
It brings in aggressiveness, and especially in positivity. It never stops. He is still a young player, he is 22 years old, but he has a mentality that I like, of a real winner.

Caio Henrique had said that a victory in Nice could well launch the Monaco season. Do you share this feeling?
Naturally, a victory gives morale. We have had unfavorable circumstances in recent weeks. For no club, that would be nice. We reacted, obtained a deserved victory. Thursday, it will be necessary to confirm in Belgrade, during a big match, and Sunday against Lyon. We knew that the schedule for the start of the season would be very busy. In the last twenty minutes tonight (sunday), we were physically dominant, we try to be ready to play every three days. »


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