Philippe Montanier (Toulouse): “We deserve this victory” in Strasbourg

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Philippe Montanier (Toulouse): “We deserve this victory” in Strasbourg

Philippe Montanier, Toulouse coach, after victory in Strasbourg (2-1) : “We had a pretty good game and we deserve this victory. The two big chances we concede, with the goal, are gifts from us. It’s not a top match but an extremely serious match, I think we were solid and above all, as soon as we had the chance to hurt, we did it and we worked on it.

I would have preferred us to have more control at the end, to keep the ball and turn it around, but we are also on the outside, in a full Meinau against a team that wants everything price come back. It was also necessary to have other virtues than those of the game. We had spoken about it before, that this fighting spirit was going to be needed to make a result here.

In the use of the ball, we could have done better at the start of the match. We had a lot of situations but also a lot of technical inaccuracies which also allowed Strasbourg to take advantage of them. With the victory at three points, our margin is not that big. We look a little ahead, a little behind, I am Normand. »

“We are lucky to have a very big game on Wednesday (in Rennes) to reverse the trend”

Mathieu Le Scornet, Strasbourg coach

Mathieu Le Scornet, Strasbourg coach: “When you lose, there are bound to be shortcomings, it’s up to us to remedy them very quickly to regain our defensive solidity which has been our strength over the last two matches and to focus on the offensive side. Today (Sunday afternoon), we attacked the game well with very good game intentions, but that was not enough. It declined throughout the encounter.

We have to be able to move forward in this second part of the Championship with a lot of drive. We have a few situations at the end of the match but there is a period which is too hollow today in the match to allow us a great performance. It’s too little, it’s a poor performance but we have to be able to get up. We are lucky to have a very big game on Wednesday (reindeer) to reverse the trend. »

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