Philippe Tayeb (Bayonne): “Iturria and I hope others…”

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Philippe Tayeb (Bayonne): “Iturria and I hope others…”

“Aviron Bayonnais has formalized the signature of Arthur Iturria from next season. Can you tell us about the genesis of this move on the mutation market?
The meeting with Arthur was not scheduled. It was initiated around a friendly lunch. We must also thank Camille Lopez who has worked a lot in our direction. He was a strong player from the first meeting. The basic idea was to try to bring back our talented players who left at some point because the club was not ready for the top level. Arthur has part of his life in Bayonne. The planets have finally aligned.

That Bayonne is positioning itself on Iturria and recruiting him is not insignificant. Is this a strong message?
We may have the promotion label, but our project is ambitious. We also have stability for 4 years. It’s normal that we look at our former players who make other French clubs happy. Rowing, by recruiting Arthur Iturria (28), proves that he wants to join the serious, ambitious clubs of the Top 14. This is a first message, I hope there will be others . We build our budget every day, which reaches 21.5 million euros. We have redone our stadium, we have a training center of 4000 square meters. It proves that we are ready to continue to progress and meet the demands of the Top 14 and, I hope, the Top 6 one day. Our resources are growing and we want to move towards a budget of 24-25 million to also have a payroll at the ceiling of the salary cap at 10 million.

“The objective: to have 70% of our workforce come from our training, from the Basque territory. Its very important “

Do you have to pay a little more to recruit Iturria when you are promoted like Bayonne?
No, we do not have the means to put ourselves at the level of the proposals made by the big clubs. In reality, Arthur has reason to come home. It is a life project. He was attached to the ASM which gave him a very good career to date. But his choice is also family. I remain convinced that other players will follow his example and return to Bayonne. This is the objective: to have 70% of our workforce coming from our training, from the Basque territory. Its very important.

Arthur Iturria leaves Clermont for Bayonne. (N. Luttiau/The Team)

Iturria is not an end in itself…
It’s a first shot. We will develop our training, but also seek out our experienced players. Is it a message? Maybe.

Is this a foot call to Charles Ollivon?
Yes, and to others! I’m thinking of Anthony Étrillard, Aymeric Luc (Toulon), Max Spring, Baptiste Chouzenoux (Racing 92), Cheikh Tiberghien (Clermont), Martin Laveau (Castres)… There are players.

Will there be one or two more in Bayonne next year?
No, not next year. The objective is first to stabilize 80% of our workforce, which makes us happy today with a strong backbone. Then, each year, it would be good to bring back one or more talents from the Basque Country! We will continue our work.

“We will announce extensions quickly. Above all, we must not neglect our players who make us experience extraordinary things and give us complete satisfaction! »

After a good start to the season, can announcing the signing of Iturria serve as an additional boost to continue the dynamic?
Yes I hope. We have exchanged with some players and his arrival will be an additional experience in our team. But for our subscribers, our partners, our institutions, seeing a talented player return is a strong message.

Conversely, does your good start to the season attract covetousness and force you to be attentive so as not to lose your best elements?
It is certain that our players are scrutinized and solicited. It is up to us to do what is necessary. We have already re-signed 80% of our players. We will announce extensions soon. Above all, we must not neglect our players who make us experience extraordinary things and give us complete satisfaction! Players who wet the jersey will be thanked and valued at their fair value. »

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