PSG U19s start well in Youth League against Juventus

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PSG U19s start well in Youth League against Juventus

The game: 5-3

Last season, Zoumana Camara asked for time for his team after the elimination in the quarter-finals against Salzburg. It is still too early to know if the Paris-Saint-Germain U19 coach was right, but the demonstration this Tuesday afternoon against Juventus on the first day of the Youth League can already provide a solid basis for work on this team.

In eight minutes, the Parisians had already folded the deal thanks to Ilyes Housni (1-0, 3rd) then Warren Zaire-Emery (2-0, 8th). The reduction in the Italian score after a mess by Samuel Mbangula (2-1, 16th) did not even make the Parisians doubt players and constantly led by their coach. Logically, Ilyes Housni (3-1, 36th), Ismael Ghabi (4-1, 44th) and Noha Lemina (5-1, 46th) added to the bill before halftime.

The 3-4-3 set up by Zoumana Camara worked perfectly, especially defensively. But the relaxation at the end of the meeting somewhat tarnished the overall performance. It was again on a set piece that Luis Hasa reduced the gap (5-2, 76th), before a penalty from Dean Huijsen (5-3, 79th) made the titis sweat. The expulsion of Giulio Doratiotto allowed the teammates of Ethan Mbappé, who entered the game, to breathe in the last minutes and secure this first success.

The fact: Warren Zaire-Emery’s breakthrough

We can qualify the second Parisian goal scored by Warren Zaire-Emery as exceptional. Starting from his half of the field, the midfielder, who played his first minutes in Ligue 1 this season, crossed 40 meters before going to deceive Simone Scaglia. An achievement in the image of a full match of the youngest player on the lawn (born in 2006).

The man: the Housni poison

His incessant running, his sense of purpose, his “old school” ponytail. Ilyes Housni has been bringing his unique style to Camp des loges for years. The striker recalled this Tuesday afternoon against Juventus Turin how promising he was. His two goals – at the reception of a cross (1-0, 3rd) then on a deep run (3-1, 36th) – say everything about his range of qualities.

The twirling Housni, constantly on the move, is a complete attacker and a constant poison for the defenses. Precious in depth, he was also very effective and altruistic in back-to-goal play despite a modest size. It is on one of his sequences that Zaire-Emery built his goal (7th, 2-0). After a mixed last season, Housni started his European season on a very high footing.


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