Rayan Cherki (OL): “Don’t make the same mistakes as before”

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Rayan Cherki (OL): “Don’t make the same mistakes as before”

“Why did you choose to extend at OL?
It was important for me to extend the adventure in the club of my city, because I have not yet done everything I want to do here. I think the future holds great things for us.

Did you expect to find so many difficulties in your rise in the professional world?
Yes and no. We know very well that the professional world is very, very complicated. Afterwards, we know very well that there are ups and downs in all careers. Everything I have experienced so far will serve me for the future. Of course, there is always a form of impatience because we all want to play and have fun, but that too makes me grow every day. Until now everything has not always been very well done on my part, but all this will be useful to me.

“(With Bosz), we both set up a common thread”

Did you have any desires to leave?
No, the only desire I had was to return to the field, after several months of injury (he missed the end of the season after having a foot operation). I want to play here and have fun, that’s what made me want to stay.

We know that you want to increase your playing time. How do you see your evolution?
I’m taking my time, I’m coming back from injury and I think it’s important not to repeat the same mistakes as before. This absence served me enormously on the mental level but also on the physical level. I hope to be able to play the maximum to show that I have my place at OL.

How is your relationship with Peter Bosz going?
We talk every day about what I need to improve. We both set up a common thread so that I try to grab playing time. I hope it will work as soon as possible.

“I listen to them (Lacazette and Tolisso) in order to be able to progress as much as possible and then play more alongside them”

We see you as an accomplice with Lacazette. Does it help you in your development?
Of course! He and Tolisso have already marked the history of the club. The fact that they came back is a very good thing, because they support us and they will allow us to go as far as possible. We discuss a lot and we exchange on my qualities and my faults. I listen to them so that I can progress as much as possible and then play more alongside them. They are very great players.

Would winning with OL be better than winning with another club?
The question does not even arise for a single second: when you come from the training center, when you were born here, winning in your club in front of your loved ones is the most beautiful thing you can imagine. »


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