Red Bull on the Verstappen-Perez clash: “We made mistakes in Brazil”

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Red Bull on the Verstappen-Perez clash: “We made mistakes in Brazil”

Of all the events on and off the track that happened in Brazil last weekend, the falling out between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen was one of the most important episodes. On the last lap of the race, the Dutchman refused to let the Mexican pass, and thus offered him 6th place and two more points in the lead. Championshipimportant in his duel with Charles Leclerc to finish second in the standings.

After the finish, the two drivers clashed via the media and each threw in a few naughty little phrases to explain their feelings. The team had calmed things down by announcing that they had been able to speak to each other, that the incident was closed, and that if necessary, in Abu Dhabi this weekend, Verstappen would help his teammate.

“We had not developed a strategy in the face of such a scenario. »

As a team we made mistakes in Brazilwanted to add Red Bull Thursday in a press release. We hadn’t considered the situation that happened on the last lap, and we hadn’t developed a strategy for such a scenario before the race. Unfortunately, Max was informed at the last corner of the request to let Sergio pass, without all the information being relayed to him. This put him in a difficult situation with little time to react, while he was always an open and fair team player. It was not our intention, and after the race Max spoke openly and honestly, which allowed both riders to resolve the issue and each other’s concerns. The team accepted Max’s reasoning, this conversation is private and no further comment will be made on it. »

“What happened next on social media is totally unacceptable, adds the Austrian team. The abusive behavior regarding Max, Checo, the team and their respective families is shocking and sad, and sadly happens all too often in our sport.[…]The death threats and messages of hate are deplorable. »[)Lesmenacesdemortetlesmessagesdehainesontdéplorables »

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