Russia could host Iran in a friendly match before the World Cup

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Russia could host Iran in a friendly match before the World Cup

Almost ten months after playing their last international match in Croatia (0-1), on November 14, 2021, in a qualifying match for the World Cup in Qatar (November 20-December 18), the Russian national team will play again. Valeri Karpin’s Sbornaya – who is also the coach of FC Rostov – will indeed face Kyrgyzstan, qualified for the 2023 Asian Cup of Nations on September 24 in Bishkek.

This match will probably not be the last of the year, as we learned from a FIFA match agent, who wished to remain anonymous. “According to my information, Russia will also play against Iran on November 15, and this could take place on Russian territory. I don’t know if Iran, which is qualified for the World Cup, can expose itself to sanctions by facing the Russians. What I can tell you is that Russia has been offered several times to other selections, particularly in Africa, but that all the federations approached have refused so as not to take any risks. »

FIFA and UEFA have banned Russia from all their competitions

The Russian army invaded Ukraine on February 24. A few days later, FIFA and UEFA suspended ” until further notice “ all the national selections and the local clubs, of all the competitions they organise.

Russia had been deprived of the qualifying play-off for the World Cup against Poland, scheduled for March 24 in Moscow, and excluded from the League of Nations, where it was to face Albania, Iceland and Israel, in group 2 of League B. The women’s selection had been ousted from the Euro in England last July and replaced by Portugal, which lost against the Russians in the play-off. The clubs are also affected by this suspension, and have not taken part in European competitions 2022-2023(Spartak Moscow, engaged in the Europa League when the sanctions were announced, had also been excluded).

The Russian Federation, which had mentioned “a discriminatory measure”, had challenged, like the clubs qualified for the 2022-2023 European Cups, this suspension before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). But the court based in Lausanne (Switzerland) had validated UEFA’s decision.


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