Saint-Etienne come out of the red zone after their victory over Bordeaux

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Saint-Etienne come out of the red zone after their victory over Bordeaux

For his last home game without their supporters, the Stéphanois had everything to fear from a formation of the Girondins, leader in the standings at kick-off, and which had displayed its ambitions on this meeting between two monuments of French football. It was finally the Greens who won (2-0) thanks to the achievements of Ibrahima Wadji and Yvann Maçon, Saturday afternoon during this shock of the 8th day of Ligue 2.

The first minutes proved Laurent Batlles’ players right who immediately found an enterprising Bordeaux team like the tumble from Albert Elis (3rd), Fransergio’s strike deflected by Mathieu Dreyer (7th) or the overflow of Dilane Bakwa (11th) without consequence.

Mwanga out through injury

The premature exits of Albert Elis (8th) but especially that of the young Bordeaux central defender, Junior Mwanga (24th), revelation of the start of the season, would visibly seize up the Bordeaux dynamic. Ibrahima Wadji, very active, stumbled on Gaëtan Poussin (22nd) and the shot from Jean-Philippe Krasso, just off target (27th), demonstrated the revival of Saint-Etienne. And on a movement initiated by Dylan Chambost, Thomas Monconduit found Wadji in the axis who did not fail to open his counter for his first tenure with the Greens (35th).

An advantage in the score which did not bring much more serenity to the premises still under the threat of the opposing nerve as on this center, outside foot, of Vital Nsimba that Bakwa did not manage to improve (56th). Six minutes later, the same duo did it again and this time Bakwa, completely unmarked at the far post, found Mathieu Dreyer on his head, author of a reflex save with a solid right arm (62nd). It was in full Bordeaux high time that Saint-Etienne made the break. Yvann Maçon, on a clearance from the head of Yoann Barbet, catapulted the ball into the opposing side net following a nice volley (67th). His 3rd goal of the season.

The debates became a bit messy and the nervousness on the ground continued between the two sidelines at the end of the game. If Bordeaux really had a chance in this clash, the Greens were able to be effective without being really serene. They go back, before the other matches of the 8th day, to 12th place in the standings.


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