Sebastian Vettel explains why he is retiring: “To see my children grow up”

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Sebastian Vettel explains why he is retiring: “To see my children grow up”

After announcing on his Instagram account, created for the occasion his desire to leave F1 At the end of the 2022 season, the quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel explained himself at length on Thursday in the Aston Martin hospitality in Budapest, three days before the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Why leave F1?
It’s a decision I made on Wednesday night. I notified the team and got Lawrence Stroll, the team owner. They understood my will. It’s a good time to consider something else in my life. I know the intensity it takes to remain a top driver in F1. If you do it, you have to do it properly, completely. I don’t enjoy being in F1 just to tell myself that I’m in F1. For me, being in this sport only makes sense if I can look forward to winning or at the very least fighting for victory.

This was no longer the case?
I had the privilege of driving in teams that were fighting for the title, cars from fantastic teams. As such, Aston Martin cannot currently compare itself with these teams. The car is not at the level expected. So yes, Aston Martin is a prestigious team, but despite everyone’s best efforts, this has not been the case. I remain convinced that in the future the team will achieve this. I must also admit that other elements have developed in my mind. Like watching my children grow up. Not to be so often absent. Enjoying my family. These are inner voices that I couldn’t ignore any longer, even as I continue to love competing.

And your thoughts on environmental challenges?
It also played. Seeing the world change and the environmental dangers that await us and that await even more generations to come entered into my thinking. We are all in danger. Part of my passion is related to an activity that has consequences that I’m not a fan of. Traveling the world, racing cars, consuming resources, I can’t pretend to ignore it. It is not the main factor but it is included in my reflection and my decision. »

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