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Serena Williams: “You only live this once”

“What did you think of the experience tonight and your level of play?
The experience has been very good. I think you can only experience this once in your life. I play pretty well. I have the impression that I was training well but that I was not able to concretize that in match. But there, it falls into place. Everything had to come together today and it worked.

Does your level of play tonight convince you that you can win this tournament?
I can’t think that far ahead. I have fun and I enjoy. I’ve had so many tough matches lately that I feel like it’s going to be difficult to be prepared for all the matches I’m going to play.

You left the court at the end of the second set and came back with a higher level of play. What happened ?
I felt lighter. Use your imagination (laughs). But it wasn’t number 2 so…

“I feel like everything is a bonus”

You said on the court that you had nothing to lose for the first time in decades. Is that a foreign feeling that you can keep moving forward in this tournament?
I feel like everything is a bonus. It’s a weird mix between enjoying and staying focused. I’m just trying to figure out what percentage I want of each thing. I feel like I’ve had a target on my back since the US Open in 1999. I’ve had it all my career because I won my first Grand Slam early in my career. It’s different here, I feel like I’ve already won, figuratively I mean. It’s just amazing the things I’ve done.

You will face Ajla Tomljanovic, who said she wanted to face you before your retirement, what do you think?
She played quite intensely and I watched her matches a lot. I saw one last week. She’s been through a lot of injuries so I respect that. I think it’s going to be a good game. But you didn’t ask me that. I think it’s good that she wants to play against me. I have to be ready for every game. »


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