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Stade Toulousain takes up baseball

New faces have arrived at Stade Toulousain this summer. The ex-15 of Perpignan and Grenoble, Melvyn Jaminet and Ange Capuozzo, the center of Lou, Pierre-Louis Barassi, the winger of La Rochelle, Arthur Retière, etc. Guys who will soon find themselves with their eyes closed on the pitch but, for now, even if the Toulousans have started the season perfectly with two victories over UBB and Toulon, it is a question of getting to know each other. . In recent years, “cohesion courses” have flourished, where newcomers and stalwarts try their hand at river descent, canyoning or an obstacle course. It’s that it creates a link, all that.

Dupont and Ntamack at ease in the exercises

And that’s why the entire red and black three-quarter line went to bat at the Argoulets stadium, where the Stade Toulousain baseball section trains. “With the people of the Stade Toulousain rugby, we like each other, explains Yanaël Delpech, its young president. I knew that Ugo Mola was looking for an activity for his players that would be out of the ordinary, but where we wouldn’t do anything because I know how demanding he is. We thought it would be nice to put them in baseball. »

Some have fully entered into the codes of this sport, like an Antoine Dupont who bluffs in his striking technique, as Nolan Soliveres, former baseball international, points out: “He wouldn’t leave the ball from the start to the end of the swing. Likewise, I saw him keep his hands well behind the bat to the point of contact and he delivered powerful swings…”

Stade Toulousain’s new recruit Ange Capuozzo has also tried his hand at baseball in the pitcher’s costume. (Facebook Stade Toulousain Baseball & Softball)

And Romain Ntamack, his accomplice of the hinge? “He impressed me with his ability to catch fly balls (hits in the air). “We do initiations with employees of companies, universities, but the rugby players have outstanding athletic qualitiesnotes Yanaël Delpech. Never seen guys running so fast between bases. » On the Stadium’s Insta, the three quarters look great with their MLB-style caps.

Many appreciated this session and Sofiane Guitoune asked for others. “The forwards were disappointed not to have been invited. We will try to organize it soon”announces Delpech, who would see his players work well in rugby. “Our pitcher, Keivy Rojas, strong and lively, would be perfect in the role of the modern front line. And Nolan (Solivares), our catcher. He runs fast and catches as many balls as possible. He would be the standard back. » The president takes the opportunity to do some repairs for his club and he is right: “Initiation Saturday afternoon for adults, Wednesday for young people. You are all welcome ! »

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