Still suspended, Kyrie Irving is getting closer to a potential return

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Still suspended, Kyrie Irving is getting closer to a potential return

To get shared on his Twitter account an anti-Semitic film, Kyrie Irving had been bailed a suspension of at least five matches, in the NBA regular season. Since then, the Brooklyn Nets, his team, have played five games without him. Irving could have played again on Saturday against the Los Angeles Clippers. But the one who is one of the stars of the Nets with Kevin Durant did not come into play. And we already know that he will not play Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers either. Is Kyrie Irving condemned to wait a long time before making his return? Not necessarily.

Irving still has some missions to complete

His suspension will end when he completes the equivalent of community service imposed on him: to apologize, to donate 500,000 dollars (about 482,000 euros) to an association, to talk with Joe Tsai, the owner of the Nets, to meet representatives of the Jewish community and the League against defamation and finally follow training on sensitivity against hatred and on anti-Semitism. Irving fulfilled some of these missions. All that’s missing is an interview with the Jewish community of Brooklyn and the follow-up to an awareness program against hate.

After meeting his player, Tsai said: “ We had a good time, in order to understand each other, and it is clear to me that Kyrie has no feelings of hatred towards the Jewish community or any other group. The Nets and Kyrie, plus the NBA and NBPA (the players’ union)work constructively on a process of forgiveness, healing and education. »

Jaylen Brown tackles Nike

The NBPA was also optimistic, saying it expects ” very soon a satisfactory resolution of all issues for the various parties “. Jaylen Brown, one of the stars of the Boston Celtics, is one of the vice-presidents of this body. If he had condemned any racist and anti-Semitic remarks, he had also declared that the sanction imposed on Irving was too severe.

Brown had also sent the company Nike back to the ropes, which had decided to suspend its partnership with the Nets player. ” Since when has Nike been interested in ethics? “, he had tweeted last Thursday. The sports equipment manufacturer has indeed been criticized for several years for its alleged use of sweatshops and forced labor in Asia to manufacture its products.

Back on the 20th against Memphis?

Adam Silver, the boss of the NBA, himself of Jewish faith, had declared that, for him, Kyrie Irving was not an anti-Semite. But he had condemned the publication made by the Brooklyn player on Twitter, which had caused the scandal and led to his suspension.

No date has been announced for Irving’s return to the NBA courts. The most optimistic evoke the match at the Portland Trail Blazers, next Thursday, which will mark the end of the “road trip” that the New York franchise is currently carrying out on the West Coast of the United States. But Kyrie Irving could actually play again on Sunday, November 20, when the Nets host the Memphis Grizzlies.

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