The damning FFF audit report for Florence Hardouin

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The damning FFF audit report for Florence Hardouin

While the Ministry of Sports ordered in September a inspection mission to the French Football Federation, currently in progress, following the publication of the survey of SoFoot which notably implicated Noël le Graët for sexual SMS sent to female employees, The world reveals the main lines of the audit report that the president of the FFF had commissioned in 2020 and which has never been made public.

This one concerns the dysfunctions of the management observed within the Federation after the 2018 World Cup and was carried out by the cabinet Plein Sens.

The report refers to The worlda deleterious climate ” and one ” hard conflict between General Manager Florence Hardouin and several directors. Against the background of behavior deemed inappropriate by these directors (alcohol, sexism), a gap is widening with the DG and the latter is being called into question for its management ” unacceptable », « brutal at worst, dry and very clumsy at best “.

The report also mentions the difficult relations between Mr. Le Graët and Ms. Hardouin, while the PSE orchestrated by the latter is experienced as “ a purge “.

Requested by The Team to react, Florence Hardouin does not wish to speak. The FFF, for its part, does not wish to react for the moment.


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