The first “floating hotel” inaugurated in Doha

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The first “floating hotel” inaugurated in Doha

It offers an impeccable view of the “skyline” of Doha and, incidentally, of one of the eight World Cup venues, the 974 stadium, so named because it has so many containers in its structure. (this figure is also the dialing code for Qatar). It measures 333 m, can accommodate 6,762 passengers and has 20 bars, 13 restaurants and 7 swimming pools. This giant of the seas, delivered last month by Chantiers de l’Atlantique, in Saint-Nazaire, arrived in the emirate on November 10, after a two-week crossing from France, via the Suez Canal.

Moored at the cruise terminal in the port of Doha, awaiting its first client-supporters next weekend, the MSC World Europa sticks to the disconcerting excess of the World Cup that the small emirate is about to organize (November 20- December 18).

Powered by liquefied natural gas

Inaugurated this Sunday evening in the presence of many international guests, under very strict security conditions, the current largest European liner is the first of three “floating hotels” which must complete the – expensive – accommodation offer for supporters and visitors. expected during the tournament. The small peninsula of the Gulf expects more than a million on its soil during the 29 days of competition.

While Qatar is subjected to virulent criticism, in particular on the ecological impact of this World Cup, the Italian-Swiss owner of the liner focused its communication, during its commissioning, on its particular characteristics, since it is the first of its kind powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). ” MSC World Europa is the lowest CO2 emitting ship in the entire cruise industry”, also pleaded Laurent Castaing, the director of Chantiers de l’Atlantique. Consulted on Sunday evening, the Qatar 2022 accommodation booking site no longer displayed any available cabins on the liner.

The liner can accommodate 6,762 passengers. (N. Luttiau/The Team)


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