The French referees selected for the World Cup express their pride and their emotion

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The French referees selected for the World Cup express their pride and their emotion

In Qatar (November 20-December 18), two French referees – Clément Turpin, already present in Russia in 2018 and Stéphanie Frappart – officiate at a World Cup, which represents a first since 1990 (Joël Quiniou and Michel Vautrot). In addition, by adding the two assistants Nicolas Danos and Cyril Gringore and the two VARs Jérôme Brisard and Benoît Millot, France will be the best represented country in all functions.

All six present during a meeting with several media, this Thursday, at the National Football Center in Clairefontaine, they first expressed their emotion. ” It’s a real pride for tricolor refereeing and the result of 15 years of work and investment. It’s a nice message for the 22,982 French referees and the 980 in my League. (Burgundy-Franche-Comte) where I work every day to demonstrate that refereeing is cool! » for example exclaimed Clément Turpin (40 years old), already appointed to arbitrate, nicelythe last Champions League final, Real Madrid – Liverpool (1-0, May 29).

Clément is our locomotive and he took us all in his wake”, estimated Jérôme Brisard, delighted by this personal and collective recognition. » The other VAR, Benoît Millot, added: “ This sheds a positive light on French arbitration, about which a lot is said. “, alluding to the many controversies that punctuated the start of the season in Ligue 1.

“Be careful, everything remains to be done! »

Jérôme Brisard, referee retained as VAR at the World Cup

It’s my 14th season in Ligue 1, I’ve seen green and unripe ones. There are always highs and lows. I take a lot of height compared to that even if I know that it is very agitated at the moment. I put things into perspective and focus on my next challenges. What I remember from my first World Cup experience (two matches refereed in 2018), it’s precisely that I was a little too on edge, compared to all the external events that can occur. I was too permeable to all that. With everything I’ve been through since, I have even more peace of mind and I’m going there with great serenity. »

A serenity that Stéphanie Frappart (38), who will be one of the six central female referees, also strives to bring out: “Women’s refereeing has entered the panorama of men’s football and now it is no longer a question of gender, but of skills “, she rejoices, also proud to see crowned his career. And she is already planning on the course which will bring together all the referees concerned in Doha from November 9, ten days before the launch of the World Cup. By insisting on the “positive pressure” that she feels.

Turpin stresses the importance of the first game

Assistant referee Cyril Gringore (50), who will retire at the end of the year, hopes above all “to make the most of it” and insists on the importance of ” group life outside matches ” to maintain ” a good deal “ throughout the competition, whether with Nicolas Danos and Turpin (the usual trio that has been operating since 2016) or with all the other referees.

For his part, Millot is delighted with the “quite virtuous path” of French arbitration, but warns: “Be careful, everything remains to be done! “And in particular a good World Cup. What would it consist of, according to Turpin: A successful World Cup is first and foremost a successful first match. Afterwards, we will let ourselves be carried away…”


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