The international press salutes the “artist” Roger Federer

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The international press salutes the “artist” Roger Federer

All over the world, the press is celebrating the retirement of Roger Federer this Friday. On a sober and elegant front page, the Swiss daily Time simply writes “Very grand slam”. “He will be remembered above all for his love of tennis and his unique style, made of ease, beauty and silence”can we read in the editorial.

The morning salute “Swiss Ambassador” while 20 minutes spear : “Danke Roger”. “Roger Federer will not play again, except in our hearts and our memories”regrets for his part The Tribune of Geneva.

“It feels like saying goodbye to a loved one”adds Basler Zeitungthe Basel daily, distributed in the region where Federer is from.

In Spain, the daily El País affirms that the announcement of the retirement of the man with 103 titles, if it does not in itself constitute a surprise, “doesn’t make it less painful”. The newspaper mentions “a constantly evolving perfectionist”. brand salute “the artist”El Mundo evokes the “most elegant lapel” tennis. In Italy the Gazzetta Dello Sport retrace “The King’s Career”. For The eveningin Belgium, “We already miss him”.

the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia also highlights the artistic dimension of the game of Federer, six-time winner of the Australian Open: Federer elevated tennis “to an art form”, writes the daily. In Great Britain, the BBC uses a formula from Novak Djokovic, one of Federer’s two great rivals during the first two decades of the 21st century: “You have to wonder if he’s from the same planet”.

For the Indian Expressin New Delhi, “a page has just been turned” with Federer’s announcement, three days after 19-year-old Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz appeared first in the world in the wake of his triumph at the US Open.

According to New York Timeswhich tells how “a ballboy turned into one of the world’s most brilliant athletes”Rafael Nadal and Djokovic, even though they have won more Grand Slams, cannot compete with Federer in terms of grace and class.


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