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The Lakers make the perf in Milwaukee

While we severely brainstorm in the office, while the GM of the Lakers, Rob Pelinka, makes and undoes the sketches of future and possible exchanges to finally make a team that holds up and is able to come and play the title next May-June, the men in the field achieved a hell of a good performance on Friday on the Milwaukee floor, winning at Giannis Antetokounmpo and his friends (129-133).

The victory is obviously very significant for the Californians, stuck in a more than average start to the season (9-12) and who line up there a fourth success in their last five matches in reference territory, since the Bucks, second in the Eastern Conference, remained on three rank victories.

“It was a beautiful night”, thus ecstatic Darvin Ham, the coach of the Angelinos at the exit, not unhappy to play such a trick on his former team, of which he was both a player more than 20 years ago and assistant-coach these four recent seasons. Indeed, she was beautiful for everyone on the Lakers side. Anthony Davis first made his most brilliant offensive copy of the season, with 44 points, sprinkled with 10 rebounds. It was also for Russell Westbrook, heckled by a fan at the start of the match, on the grill in his own camp and who, coming off the bench, did the job rather well (15 pts, 11 assists).

LeBron James, sixth passer in NBA history

For LeBron James, this success necessarily has a special taste. In addition to the stats still high at almost 38 years old (28 pts, 11 assists, 8 rebounds), this night in Wisconsin propelled him to the sixth highest passer (10,144 assists) in NBA history, surpassing the legend purple and gold, Magic Johnson (10141). “It means a lot. His approach to the game was so infectious. The joy with which he played, the pleasure his partners took in playing with him, his passing genius, I have always admired that in him. And what’s even more gratifying is to do that with the Lakers uniform knowing all that Magic means to this franchise.”explained James.

For Milwaukee, who missed two winning shots for the equalizer in the last 20 seconds, it’s a little stoppage and a defensive tightening to be expected. Never since the beginning of the season, the Bucks had conceded so many points or left the opponent at such a high percentage of address (53.6%). “It was too easy, too easy”repeated Giannis Anteokounmpo (40 pts, 7 rebounds), like a lament when getting out of the shower.

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