The LFP offensive to fight against homophobia

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The LFP offensive to fight against homophobia

The LFP has decided to step up its fight against homophobia. This Monday, the League announced that it had obtained the PROUD Sport label and formalized its participation in the launch of a listening unit against homophobia in sport, in partnership with the association Ovale Citoyen.

The label makes it possible to establish a measure of good behavior in terms of the inclusion of LGBTQIA + people, an acronym used to qualify lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and asexual people, that is to say for refer to non-heterosexual, non-cisgender, or non-dyadic people.

Acknowledgment of the fight

According to the LFP, “the FIER foundation has noticed the in-depth work of the Professional Football League with many organizations fighting against discrimination such as LICRA and SOS homophobia, Foot Ensemble, PanamBoyz & Girlz United or Ovale Citoyen”.

The League ensures that this labeling comes to congratulate its commitments in favor of the coming out of professional footballers, but also awareness actions towards Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs, as well as its various awareness clips, educational tools or other modules. training established in partnership with the associations mentioned above.

A listening cell for sportsmen and women

In concrete terms, the LFP is also taking part in the official launch, again this Monday, of the “Cri du cloakroom” listening unit with the Ovale Citoyen association, the UNFP, the LNR (National Rugby League), Provale (the union of rugby players), as well as the NHL (National Handball League).

Its goal is to help sportsmen and women who remain silent about their sexual orientation. It was born from the observation that few professional sportsmen and women come out. Many remain silent, often for fear of rejection from their teammates and teammates, but also from the public, which makes it impossible to pursue their careers.

Everything has been done so that this listening cell, by telephone and chat, is anonymous. The caller will in fact be assigned a nickname that he or she will keep each time contact is made in order to ensure personalized follow-up. They will then be offered concrete solutions, such as contacts with local LGBTQIA + associations.

Footballers will also be able to access other resources, such as a platform offering works where other sportsmen and women talk about their sexual orientation, or even a secure discussion space on the Discord platform.

The LFP promises to do “the fight against all discrimination one of the priorities of its CSR approach and has launched an ambitious program to ensure that racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and sexism completely disappear from the world of professional football”.


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