The Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors still beaten in the NBA

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The Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors still beaten in the NBA

The improvement of the Lakers stopped net. At home against Utah and its good start to the season, the Los Angeles franchise lost a lot (130-116). After picking up their first two victories of the season, the Angelinos relapsed and presented a meager record of six defeats in eight matches, far from the play-in qualifying zone.

The Lakers, with a very permissive defense (40 points conceded in the first quarter), folded in the second quarter (62-78) and, despite a close in the third (93-95), never succeeded to worry the Jazz. Off the bench, Russell Westbrook once again distinguished himself (26 points at 9/14, 6 assists in 29 minutes), while LeBron James was clumsy (17 points at 7/19).

“A huge step backwards”

Darvin Ham, Lakers coach

“We took a huge step back tonight, lamented Darvin Ham, the LA coach, referring to the defensive performance of his team. It was the first game where I felt like we weren’t really there in defence. » Dominant in rebounding (48-40) and above all much more oiled in attack (31 assists and only 8 bullet losses), Utah and its very solid major five, Lauri Markkanen in particular (27 points, 13 rebounds), continues its start amazing season, with seven successes in seven matches.

Golden State travels badly

The Warriors’ record isn’t much better than the Lakers. The defending champions conceded on the night of Friday to Saturday a fifth defeat in a row, conclusion of a road trip nightmarish (5 defeats in as many matches, or 6/6 out of their bases since the start of the season). This time, it was with the New Orleans Pelicans that Golden State gave in (114-105).

Steve Kerr was without Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, rested for this match after playing the day before in Orlando. The end result remained the same, despite a Jordan Pool at 20 points. “We did not succeed (to win), but I am very happy with the effort of the team, Kerr pointed out. There are a lot of good things to come out of it. »

The coach said to himself above all “excited to come home. Next week will be the opportunity for us to work a lot. » Sacramento and Cleveland will present themselves at Chase Center in the coming days, in a two-game week that should allow the defending champion to recover his health.

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