The sale of OL to John Textor will finally be finalized

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The sale of OL to John Textor will finally be finalized

The OL press release offering a new deadline to John Textor had been analyzed as a new headlong rush on Thursday morning. But this time it could be the right one, even if OL aren’t sold yet. Jean-Michel Aulas also flew on Friday to Qatar where he will attend England-France.

But before, he led a board of directors, at midday, to judge the progress of the “John Textor file”. Few elements have filtered and the Lyon players remain cautious. Some claim that this meeting was simply held within the framework of the ” real time tracking announced in the press release the day before. Nevertheless, optimism has gone up a notch in the heart of the file as on all floors of French football. OL groupe should communicate this Saturday and probably end a long soap opera.

Ponsot at Crystal Palace

Sources close to Textor even regard the case as ” curly », even if the closing will still take several days, whatever happens. ” The signing of all the documents took place yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday) and financial flows have startedexplains a source close to the potential future owner. The official closing will take longer, due to different currency conversions and flows to all banks and vendors. »

All is done “, Continues the same source, which remains to be confirmed by the facts in this sale with twists and turns. OL director general of football Vincent Ponsot was in London, at the Crystal Palace club, on Friday, no doubt to start interclub work, without anyone knowing what the authorizations were to come from England. .


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