The UNFP still protests against the calendar

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The UNFP still protests against the calendar

The package announcement for the 2022 World Cup by Bayern’s Senegalese international, Sadio Mané, gave a little more grain to grind to the union of pro players, the UNFP. In an official press release published on Wednesday, the National Union of Professional Footballers again pointed to the growing number of matches on the world calendar.

As the list of injured stretches across Europe and elsewhere […]as club coaches tear their hair out […], it is surprising that the question, albeit primordial, of an in-depth overhaul of the international calendar continues to be overlooked by those who enrich it at will. How can they ignore for so many years that the UNFP and all the associations of professional footballers in the world, who are all leading the same crusade that has become an absolute, vital priority, have been asking them, with supporting statistics, to review their copy in the name and according to the wishes of the players they represent. »

The UNFP calls once again to also consult the players, the main interested parties: ” Would these committed leaders have also understood that the players, who wish to be genuinely consulted on the issue, will no longer be content to ring the alarm bell each time the opportunity is given to them, if no one hears ? »


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