The Women’s Liga will start this weekend

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The Women’s Liga will start this weekend

In a press release published on Wednesday evening, the Liga F, name of the Women’s Championship, announces that “The refereeing body ended up accepting the League’s proposal. This will allow the resumption of professional women’s football competition this weekend. for the 2nd day “after the shameful episode of the first day that should never have happened”she adds.

The first day scheduled for last weekend was suspended due to a strike by referees, who depend on the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and demanded “obtaining working conditions close to those of the men’s first division”.

Day 1 matches will have to be rescheduled

The League indicated in its press release that it had increased the level of remuneration of the main referees from 300 to 1,666 euros per match and that of the assistants from 166 to 1,066 €.

According to the League, the referees and the RFEF demanded that the referees of a match be paid an overall €21,000 per match, which would have represented a cost of €5 million per season.

“It’s 70% of the audiovisual rights generated by the competition”denounced the League, which is pleased to have brought back the “arbitration body to reason”. In a press release, the RFEF announced for its part the creation of a retirement fund for referees which will be financed by the federation, the government, the League and the clubs.


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