Thibaud Briet will be a valuable asset for the Blues at the Handball World Cup

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Thibaud Briet will be a valuable asset for the Blues at the Handball World Cup

Following in the footsteps of Thibaud Briet is a permanent happiness, that of discovery and the joy of living. Saturday in Orléans, the young left-back (23 years old) had another new experience with the France team during the last preparation match for the World Cup. against Egypt (33-32).

On a long streak at the end of the first period, the Nantes player was aligned at the advanced post of a stepped “1-5” defense, an alternative to the preferential system of the Blues in “0-6” (flat). A very unusual positioning for a player of his size (2.05 m). “I am a bit of a multi-tasker, said the gentle giant with his eternal smile. It’s a defense that suits me well because I’m tall, mobile and quite fast, so I can get in the way well. It’s a pretty tricky defense, I like it. »

Briet was comfortable disrupting the formidable Egyptians, and it was during this period that France for the first time dug a small gap (15-12, 26th). “This is one of the trials that are not for fun, underlined Guillaume Gille, the coach. We think of his ability to bring something to this area of ​​play, through his size, his speed of movement, his reading of the game. It’s also very nice, in a young player, to see his ability to change in a role that’s a little different from what he’s used to. »

“On the ball in the head, I admit, I added a little…”

The Norman had however not had much opportunity to practice this defense, just a few times in training at his club. “Assimilation happens more quickly thanks to Mathieu (Grebill) and to the Parisians who are used to doing it. I feel good “he assures.

From the height of his 23 years and 15 selections, he even begins to have a little vice, like the ball he received in the head on a direct free kick from Yehia Elderaa (30th). “It sounds a little but it was okay, I’ve known worse. So I was afraid that the referees wouldn’t show a red card, I said to myself: ”You have to fall.” I admit, I added a little more…”he launched into a burst of laughter.

Thibaud Briet hooked by Mohamed Mamdouh. (A. Réau/The Team)

Arriving at the Blues by surprise a year ago, taking advantage of the cascade of positive Covid cases, the young man has grown well. After a discreet Euro 2022, he took on another dimension in Nantes and is ready to ride this dynamic at the World Cup.

“Today, I no longer discover, I have a lot more benchmarks on and off the pitch, he points out. I gained consistency in my game and confidence. I come with convictions. I really want to show what I’m worth. In defense, I feel very good. I know I can do more in attack, but in any case I’m having a lot of fun. As soon as I’m on the field, I will bring this energy that characterizes me, rage, I want to kill myself on the task. »

As a regular in the wonderful atmosphere of the H Arena in Nantes, he is delighted to face the cauldron of Katowice on Wednesday January 11 in the opening match against the Polish host, after having tasted the fervor of Antarès at Le Mans on Wednesday (against the Netherlands, 43-32) then from the Arena d’Orléans on Saturday: “The atmosphere in Poland is going to be excellent, I love it. When it’s against us, it’s even better, it transcends! »

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