Thomas Ramos after the victory of the Blues against Australia: “I had fun”

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Thomas Ramos after the victory of the Blues against Australia: “I had fun”

Thomas Ramos, after the victory of the Blues against Australia (30-29) : “It wasn’t easy but there was victory at the end, that’s what we have to remember today. It had been a while since the team had played together, it was a match where you had to find a bit of a bond. This end to the match is rather positive, it shows that we didn’t give up, that we went for this victory, it shows a good state of mind.

We respected the game plan, we also said to ourselves that by respecting what we had put in place, they would wear out and that we would have spaces at the end of the match and that’s what happened. ‘has passed. You have to hold that. We had seen on the video that they tapped less on the foot than they did tonight and that they were not too well placed on the third curtain. However, this evening, it was for them a very great strength. They were always very well placed, they had a quality kicking game, so they put us in difficulty a few times. And we are struggling to find spaces. They were three behind and we didn’t expect it either. We had seen on the video that they were more like two or even a single player.

It’s a big team, the guys know how to adapt, they had a big game. Personally, I had fun, it’s been a while since I wanted to start a match with the No. 15 in the back in the France team. It feels a lot of good, especially with the victory at the end. Winning this match, individually and collectively, will remain a great evening. On the first ball, I have a small space in front of me, I don’t necessarily expect it. There was a bit of positive pressure because I was really looking forward to kick-off. When you’ve been preparing for a match for two weeks and you know that you’re going to start it and that you’re going to be expected, there’s only one thing you’re looking forward to, and that’s to be there. I am happy.

I grew up a little, learned a little, I know what international rugby requires, I am still quite lucid. I threw back one or two balls which were good to throw back. My kicking game may be better, but they were well organized on the 3rd curtain. It will take better kicking next week to set South Africa back even further. We couldn’t have prepared this second game better than with what we had tonight. There was a lot of high foot play, but we know the South Africans, we know it’s part of their game.

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