Thomas Ramos: “Before, I was a little more naive”

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Thomas Ramos: “Before, I was a little more naive”

There was a time, not so long ago, when Thomas Ramos was the type to throw all the balls back. It was beautiful, daring, always spectacular, but it could also sometimes turn against his team. Also, the Toulouse rear did not have the rapid progress he undoubtedly hoped for in the France team. He has chained a few selections (19 to date), of course, but most often as a substitute.

And then came this November tour where the injury of his teammate Melvyn Jaminet and an excellent start to the season with Stade Toulousain propelled him to the top of the hierarchy of the backs of the country. Starter against Australia, then again against South Africa, Ramos had two great matches, both in his shots on goal and in running play. And he should continue against Japan, this Sunday (2 p.m.), at home in Toulouse.

“I have definitely matured. We will say that I grew up a little, that I learned what the high level really was “

“I have certainly matured, he explains. Let’s say that I grew up a bit, that I learned what high level really was. Before, I was a little more naive. I was able to question myself, understand why I wasn’t playing, work harder in a club. The high level does not allow you certain things that you can afford when you play in a club. You have to be aware of it, and it’s true that I may have taken a little time to do so. Today, I reach an age (27 years old) where I am fully grown. It’s also what makes me feel good on the pitch. »

Facing the Wallabies and the Springboks, we felt he was super sober, focused on his score, reluctant to deviate from the path traced by the tricolor staff. “We all had a plan to follow and above all wanted to win these matches, he recalls. Inevitably, when the matches are so close, that you only lead by one point or four, an error or a danger can cause you to lose. If I have three balls and I raise three times, I can put the team in danger. Whereas if I take care of the three times well and push the opponent back with footwork, I can on the contrary contribute to making the opponent crack. In fact, when you play against big nations, it’s more difficult to do individual exploits. Staying within a framework is therefore just as good, even if you should never take away the opportunity to leave it if the opportunity arises. »

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