Three National hopefuls to watch this weekend in the Coupe de France

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Three National hopefuls to watch this weekend in the Coupe de France

After the Berrichonne, eliminated by PSG on Friday evening, three new residents of National are trying their luck to qualify against a Ligue 1 this weekend. Avranches hosts Brest this Saturday at 3:30 p.m., Le Puy receives Nice at 6 p.m. and Dunkirk will challenge Auxerre on Sunday (6 p.m.). Respectively 10th, 16th and 5th in the third echelon, these clubs intend to thwart the predictions. To achieve this goal, they will be able to rely on a key element of their offensive sector.

Samy Baghdadi (USL Dunkirk / centre-forward, 25, French): The esthete

The striker from Grasse played last season at Sittard, in the Dutch D1. He was recruited this summer in Dunkirk, where he signed a two-year contract. And it’s a successful bet, since Baghdadi is National’s second top scorer, with seven goals, behind Amine Boutrah (Concarneau, 8 goals). More than its efficiency, it is its vista that surprises. “He’s a National player but he has the class and technique of a Ligue 1 player.assures his trainer Romain Revelli. He has a game intelligence, a quality in his sequences… “ He still has room for improvement. “I would like him to behave more like a leader. He can become a frame », says Revelli. In the meantime, the Auxerrois will have to be wary, because “He’s a centre-forward who finds surprising positions to strike”, warns Revelli.

Samy Baghdadi with Dunkirk in September 2022. (M. Demeure / La Voix du Nord)

Mehdi Boussaïd (US Avranches / attacking midfielder, 27, Algerian): The sensitive

He is starting to make a name for himself in National. Mehdi Boussaïd, originally from Lyon who passed through Montpellier when he was younger, is an unpredictable ball handler. “He is able to eliminate in small perimetersassures his trainer Damien Ott. I use him as a central attacking midfielder, he needs freedom. » This afternoon, the Brestois will therefore have to curb a good dribbler, who also has a big character. They will have against them a player of great sensitivity, whether in terms of football or humanly. “He doesn’t always manage his emotions, he can’t stand injusticewarns Ott. As soon as something seems unfair to him, he can disperse. Afterwards, he will give everything if you are honest with him. He is a boy with a strong personality. It’s all or nothing. »

Mohamed Ben Fredj (Le Puy Foot 43 / centre-forward, 22 years old, Tunisian): The worker

“Auxerre came this summer for an internship at Chambon-sur-Lignon (in Haute-Loire), and we had a good relationship with Jean-Marc Furlan (former AJA coach) », says Roland Vieira, the coach of Le Puy. This is how Mohamed Ben Fredj arrived at Le Puy this summer. And nobody complains about it. After having participated in a few bouts of matches in Ligue 2 last season, this native Toulonnais, a reserved personality, is starting to stand out.

Mohamed Ben Fredj.  (@LePuyFoot43/@LePuyFoot43)

Mohamed Ben Fredj. (@LePuyFoot43/@LePuyFoot43)

“He has the ability to be both creative and finishing. He is technically very fair.continues Vieira, who especially appreciates the professionalism of the young boy. He is a worker, he often asks to stay to work in front of the goal. He is the type of player who can be vengeful against a top team like Nice. »


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