Ticketing incidents before England-Iran

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Ticketing incidents before England-Iran

This Monday, around 3:30 p.m. (local time), the Ticketing center of Khalifa International Stadium was stormed. A hundred spectators who had tickets for England vs Iran meetingwhose kickoff was scheduled for 4 p.m., indeed headed for this building located not far from the stadium, where ticketing problems are supposed to be settled.

The message received by ticket holders for the England – Iran match. (DR)

They feared indeed not being able to enter the enclosure, because the application which must enable them to prove that they had a valid ticket indeed became suddenly inaccessible on their telephone.

A screenshot or an email as solutions

To calm this disgruntled crowd, Ticketing center officials finally agreed that spectators whose application was no longer working could present themselves at the entrance to the Khalifa International Stadium with proof that they did indeed have a valid ticket. (screenshot, email…). This announcement helped calm things down, but the nervousness remained palpable around the stadium, fifteen minutes from kick-off.

In a press release, FIFA announced that it “tried to solve this problem”.


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