US Open: why Ons Jabeur has the game to annoy Caroline Garcia

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US Open: why Ons Jabeur has the game to annoy Caroline Garcia

Between these two, it’s a story of Grand Slams. From their first meeting, in 2010 at Roland-Garros as a junior, to their meeting this Thursday evening, Caroline Garcia and Ons Jabeur have always met at the major events of the season. Six times in all (soon to be seven), for each time the same result: a victory for the Tunisian. A negative balance that the French already had against Alison Riske (0-3 before their eighth) and Coco Gauff (0-2). That didn’t stop him from shining. But the 5th player in the world perhaps better embodies a pet peeve for Garcia because she has the means, with her game, to fight against her forces.

I have a big challenge in front of me, so believes the French. Wow, it goes back a long time. Among the juniors, it was very rare to play someone who made so many drop shots and so many slices with his backhand. She put a lot of effects in her balls. It was already tricky to play against her. Now it is even more so. »

Once Jabeur, 28 years old. (S. Wenig/Ap)

If the Tunisian can become a poison for Garcia, it is because she has an asset to counter her strong point. ” She has a weapon that very few players have, her backhand slice, poses Sophie Amiach, former Grand Slam quarter-finalist. If Jabeur is smart, she will change the shots and use this slice. We have to see if Caro manages to manage this kind of balls which will be much slower and will bounce lower. To attack them, she will have to lift them up and she will have to put some lift and therefore she will not necessarily be able to hit them as much. A way to annihilate the power of Garcia, who has hurt his opponents so much since the start of the tournament.

In her panoply, Jabeur also has amortization and she can also go and test the balance of the Frenchwoman by going up to the net. Still it is necessary that it has time to spread out all its variety of blows. “ Caroline can take some time in Ons, thus believes Hantuchova, former world No. 5. Ons has magic in her game but if Caroline plays like she played against Coco Gauff, she won’t give her the chance to do that. “Because the Garcia who lost to Jabeur in Australia at the start of the year is no longer really the same. “ The big difference is that today Caro has in all his matches a positive ratio between winning points and unforced errors », points out Amiach. What she does not yet have, on the other hand, is the experience of such an appointment. Semi-finalist at Wimbledon, Jabeur has already sailed in these waters.


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