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Video games: return new look for NBA 2K23

The NBA resumes only on October 18, but fans of the orange ball will have plenty to worry about by then. This Friday, on all media, comes out indeed NBA 2K23, the new annual edition of the number 1 basketball simulation, published by 2K Games. For this 24th opus, which features Michael Jordan on its jacket for certain special editions and Devin Booker for its standard version, the basics are still the same, but the gameplay has been refined, especially in attack.

In this new episode, the developers have focused on dunks and penetrations in the racket, which should become much more present: from now on, it will be possible to choose your finish, between a two-handed dunk, to stay hooked to the basket … The shooting animations are also more numerous in the past and it is now possible to choose the gauge you want to use to trigger your shot at the best time.

The dribblers hurt

While dribblers have often reigned supreme over NBA 2K, they should have a lot more trouble in this new episode. The ball carrier will now only have three adrenaline boosts per possession, which they can use to gain speed, while risking being exhausted at the end of the action. Finally, in the event of a one against one, the attacker will have the choice between three zones, but if he attacks the one where the defender is located, he will instantly lose the ball.

In terms of game modes, the MyTEAM mode has been extensively revisited, with the removal of contracts on its player cards, which has long been requested by players. The “Jordan Challenge”which allows you to live, controller in hand, some of the greatest moments of Michael Jordan’s career, is also making an expected return.

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