Violence in stadiums: the proposals of the Bauer report

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Violence in stadiums: the proposals of the Bauer report

Among them : “strengthen the authority of the State through the existing inter-ministerial unit, integrating the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Ministry of Justice, which could see its functioning made permanent”.

We also need to review “the relationship with groups of supporters and adapting the legislation, in particular on smoke bombs, by making the facilitators responsible”. According to him, we could “rethinking the notion of banning smoke bombs around the issues of protecting people and property taking part in the event in the stadium”.

“Breaking the anonymity of thugs”

For Alain Bauer, it would still be necessary “rebalancing collective sanctions and individual sanctions”that’s to say “breaking the anonymity of thugs to allow supporters to fully play their role as supporters”. The criminologist also intends “developing an LFP certification which makes it possible to work on securing sporting events in French stadiums at all levels. To compensate for the loss of skills observed in most stadiums, but also the loss of volumes of agents likely to intervene in the stadiums after the Covid crisis, it seems imperative to adapt the training and qualifications of the agents called upon to intervene. in stadiums.

Finally, it is necessary “prioritize the risks, go from ” ready to wear “ to ” custom made “. It is not possible to uniformly approach stadiums which play to sold-out crowds with 60,000 spectators every week and stadiums which are struggling to reach 1,500 spectators on a regular basis”.

In a press release, the LFP “Welcomes the work carried out by Alain Bauer and the broad consultation that made it possible to write this report and the concrete proposals that result from it”. Adding: “It will now be up to the stakeholders to study the implementation of these proposals”. It remains to be seen whether this report will have concrete consequences.


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