World Cup: Simon Kjaer (Denmark) will wear the rainbow armband

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World Cup: Simon Kjaer (Denmark) will wear the rainbow armband

FIFA certainly hoped to put an end to the controversy over the wearing of rainbow armbands, intended to promote inclusion. The body has indeed decided, for each day of the competition, wearing a specific armband intended to defend a societal theme different: Football Unites the world, Save The Planet, Protect Children, Education for all, no discrimination, Be Active and Football Unites the World.

But some selections remain visibly determined to defend their positions. Thus, midfielder Christian Eriksen announced at a press conference this Saturday that his teammate and captain, Simon Kjaer, would wear the rainbow armband against Tunisia, for Denmark’s entry into the competition. , Tuesday (2 p.m.).

Asked about this, the Danish FA’s director of football, Peter Moller confirmed: “That has always been our intention. We had already done it in our two matches against Croatia and France in the League of Nations. After discussions with other federations, including England, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, we have decided to wear this armband. »

Relations between the Danish delegation and FIFA have been quite cold in recent days, especially after the body’s decision to ban players from wearing a black training t-shirt with the inscription “Human Rights For All”. Does the Danish federation expect sanctions? ” We do not know yet, replied Moller. But the Netherlands, England and Wales play ahead of us, so we’ll see what happens. » First elements of response on Monday…


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